Bad Flamingo: Forgiveness Don't Grow on Trees

Accolades to the producers and showrunners of the Paramount Network western drama, Yellowstone, for the show's musical selections which so far has included a notable array of topnotch and upcoming artists.

Alongside top acts like Blur, White Zombie, A Perfect Circle and Ryan Bingham, the show has also prominently featured the music of underground acts like southern rockers, Whiskey Myers, and the mystifying Americana duo, Bad Flamingo.

Forgiveness Don't Grow on Trees, Bad Flamingo's latest offering, is a spaghetti western classic on its own, a menacing, downcast tune, sun-drenched and blistering hot, carried by an excellent, fervent performance by the mysterious twosome. Direct and much forceful on all levels, the song incites rocking and swaying, bringing together a passionate vocal performance with bluesy, twangy guitars, and effecting in something absolutely compelling and robust.

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