Mike Patton: 1922

Mike Patton's undeniably prolific creativity has found its way through many outlets, diverse bands and styles over the years, but film scoring work is not something he does very often. After his scores for 2009's Crank: High Voltage, and The Place Beyond the Pines from 2012, Patton delivers the soundtrack to the film adaptation of the Stephen King penned story, 1922.

Comprised of 21 tracks, mostly very brief, the entire score is the avant-garde brainchild you'd anticipate from someone as sly as Patton. The intrigue in his intense compositions is boosted by some ominous enhancing effects and unsettling textures which give an even more sinister feel to the story of horror the film chronicles, that of the farmer who murders his wife, while the rich, eccentric instrumentation thoroughly outlines the madness the guilt brings after the tragedy.

It's a fantastic piece of work, one that you wouldn't expect from any given rock/metal musician, but which surely sounds as intelligent as Mike Patton's rest of body of work.

1922 is directed by Zak Hilditch, starring Thomas Jane, Molly Parker and Dylan Schmid.

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