Meringue: Weird Blues

In 1974, at age nineteen, Donna Gail Manson was a modest student at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington; a loner who liked to go hiking by herself and spend most of her time on her own. In March of the same year she disappeared. Many years later, before his execution in January 1989, Ted Bundy confessed to the young woman's murder.

That's where Meringue come in, an up and coming noise pop three-piece out of Portland, OR, who have just released a split cassette together with their hometown peers, Wild Body. Weird Blues is about the case of Donna Gail Manson, an electric blues rocker which brings to mind the straightforward, guitar-driven, fiery sound of The Breeders, and the stoic delivery of Sonic Youth.

The song comes with a good looking, pleasantly overacted DIY video, edited and directed by the band themselves.

Meringue is Kelly Dawson, Elaina Tardif and Bryan Robertson.

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