Gunship: Dark All Day (feat. Tim Cappello and Indiana)

If you believed Marilyn Manson put out the greatest recent tribute to the 1987 iconic horror film, The Lost Boys, think again.

Synthwave superstars, Gunship, return with a killer new single which prominently features the contribution of Tim Cappello himself, the impossible to miss in the movie sax man, blasting out the sax as impressively as he did more than thirty years ago. Dark Days also features British singer/songwriter, Indiana, on vocals

"Gunship's track, Dark All Day, is one of the funkiest tracks I've ever played on," says Cappello. "The groove is brooding and dark but there's so much passion and power to it, it moves so well, I couldn't stop dancing while I was playing on it."

The captivating music video which accompanies the song is inspired from, and created in the style of Japanese anime for the most part, only to switch into live action before its conclusion, depicting the band for the first time ever, alongside their guests, as they perform the track while blood rains down on them.

Dark All Day is part of Gunship's upcoming album of the same name, due out October 5th, 2018.

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