Birds In Row: I Don't Dance

The enigmatic post hardcore trio, Birds In Row, will be soon releasing their anticipated sophomore album, We Already Lost The World, via Deathwish Inc. and everything that has preceded the LP's release so far indicates that it is going to be a very artistic, rather different from their debut, and quite impressive piece of work.

For the music video for I Don’t Dance, the band went with an uncomplicated ballet video, depicting a pair of dancers performing a beautifully choreographed act to the vigorous, heavy sounds of the French trio's emotional, extreme metal. Birds In Row keep that inherent intrigue which surrounds their act going strong, while they have just come up with visual accompaniment for their music which to some may seem a bit odd, but ultimately couldn't be more apt.

The video is directed by Craig Murray and features dancers Riccardo De Simone and Yuri Yuris.

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