ADULT.: Perversions of Humankind

Having found a new home in Dais Records, a seemingly much appropriate label for their first rate darkwave sound, Detroit's ADULT. will be releasing their new album, This Behavior, on September 7th, 2018.

Perversions of Humankind is the first single off it, just revealed alongside a music video, and the band's following statement:

"It’s confounding how often we negate the importance of disconnecting, getting weird, getting lost. Discomfort and joy intertwined. Day to day, theatrical self-presentation set to rest in our frantic social world. Public becomes private, almost too private. Looking out into frozen woods as you deliver your vocals. For who? For what? Taking walks along icy shorelines as you try to overcome writer’s block, as you try to overcome yourself. Not seeing anyone for days and weeks on end. Overwhelming thoughts and feelings come rushing in; anxiety, fear, purpose, banality, futility of task, power structures, power struggles, pointlessness, collapse. You’re faced to face yourself. Your awareness is heightened. You are neither here nor there. You are in a liminal state. As you work in this isolated cabin your windows become mirrors."

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