Uniform: The Walk

Following last year's incredible, Wake In Fright, and their grabbing, recent collaborative record with The Body, Uniform announce the release of their upcoming LP, The Long Walk due out on Sacred Bones on August 17th. For their new endeavors the band enlisted the talents of a third member, drummer Greg Fox (Liturgy, Zs).

The video for the album's lead single, The Walk, is created by Danny Perez, and its visuals serve as a commentary on the quality of today's news, looking perfectly matched to the bleakness of the track's hellish industrial sounds.

Vocalist Michael Berdan reveals in a statement: "In Stephen King's book, The Walk is a shorthand colloquialism for an annual race ordered by a totalitarian American government called The Long Walk. In this contest, 100 boys are made to walk south from the Maine/Canada border at a constant rate of 4mph until only one is left standing. The winner is granted anything he wants for the rest of his life, while a far more nefarious fate awaits the 99 behind him. It is one of the most cynical stories I've ever read and speaks volumes to many of the ugliest parts of the human condition.

"Over time I've come to view aspects of the book as loosely parallel to feelings I've had towards organized religion and capitalism, where for some people an unattainable ideal is set as an absolute.  We allow ourselves to be broken under rigidly defined norms regarding traditional strata, where lack of compliance leads to ostracisation and success as dictated by religious and economic rule often leads to the disintegration of one's own hopes and dreams. As someone existing in late capitalism who sees beauty and personal empowerment in many of the basic tenants of all world religions, these are subjects that I wrestle with constantly."


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