Nothing: Zero Day

Both times Nothing released a full length album thus far, it turned out to be our top selection on our annual Albums of the Year list. Over again the band is being one of the bright non-metal exceptions on the roster of the venerable extreme metal label Relapse Records who will be releasing Dance On The Blacktop on August 24th, 2018.

After the couple of teasers that kept popping up these past few days, we get to hear the first track that surfaces off Nothing's long awaited third LP. Zero Day comes with an ultra dark, fascinating video, co-directed by Mark Mccoy (Youth Attack Records, Charles Bronson) and the band's own, Dominic Palermo, and starring model Chelsea Hudson.

The upcoming album also introduces bassist Aaron Heard as a full time member of Nothing, also of the upcoming Philly hardcore act, Jesus Piece.

Still sad, carrying the band's distinctive melancholy, and their signature fusion of shoegaze and grunge, Zero Day demands to be played loud, and requires countless repeats.

All you miserable punks, rejoice! Nothing is back...

Pre-Order via Relapse Records

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