Needs: Everybody Makes Me Steaks

After Eat the Rich... People's Leftovers, Vancouver's Needs continue leading us into their upcoming sophomore album with another wittily titled and all around super sharp song. Everybody Makes Me Steaks is part of the band's new album, Limitations, due out June 22nd, 2018 through File Under: Music.

Drawing from the politically charged punk mettle of tongue in cheek acts like The Nation of Ulysses and other favorites from the DC scene, as well as more contemporary bands like Metz and Protomartyr, the freshness and radical spirit of Needs' sound are palpable, and enhanced by the cleverness and full of self-deprecating humor in their lyrics, as well as their indefatigable delivery.

Everybody Makes Me Steaks comes with a wonderful video, very much in the spirit of the nineties.

Photo by Jensen Gifford



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