Magana: Tastes Bad

A few months after the release of Plays With Fire, the final album by New York's Cloud, Audio Antihero comes up with a massive tribute compilation comprised of 34 acts that offer their own renditions of Cloud's music, as well as an unreleased track by Tyler Taormina himself. The Desperation Club - A Cloud Tribute Compilation celebrates ten years of Cloud's music, and includes artists from Cloud's hometown, fans from abroad, Audio Antihero alumni, collaborators and even family members, covering a very wide range of styles and genres, from indie pop and shoegaze to drone and black metal. The lineup involves  Samira Winter, Benjamin Shaw, Magana, Jack Hayter, Anthony Harding, Lorena Alvarado and many more.

Magana's take on Tastes Bad from Cloud's 2015 album, Zen Summer, feels a bit stripped down, still, focused, close to the original's warmth, and approached with fondness and respect for Taormina's songwriting. It sounds just as heartily executed as Cloud's own version, as the up and coming Brooklyn-based musician delivers the poetry in the song's superb lyrics with firmness and honesty, over minimal instrumentation, pointing out the track's overarching lo-fi excellence.

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