It Only Gets Worse: Fireplace Road

Never mind the Stone Roses covers, that Ed Harris film and the rest of the dozens of references to Jackson Pollock popular culture has had to offer over the years. Here's It Only Gets Worse with a new concept album based on the great artist's last days before the fatal alcohol-infused car crash that took his life.

Once again the combination of Maurice De Jong and Matt Finney's skills come to full fruition, as the duo presents a dark experimental set of songs, blended with sensibilities that cover a very wide range, from pop music to power electronics. Like it's usually done within the realm of IOGW's craft, the spoken word narration appears a bit more reserved and in smaller quantities compared to Matt's other projects, leaving plenty of room to the musical arrangements and compositions to thrive. On the other hand, Maurice's music feels lighter in comparison with the unbearable heaviness, density and extremity some of the multi-instrumentalist's more recognized aliases have put out in the world, but its sinister qualities lurk under the fragile surface, and are still capable of grabbing the listener with a tight hold.

Like Pollock's drip painting technique, IOGW's creative style is unique, not easy to digest and there's more to it than what's been shown on the exterior. With each additional listen, it only gets better.

Fireplace Road is co-released by Cloister Recordings and Black Horizons.

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