Draag: Sorry (Dispensa)

Although Draag haven't released anything other than their recently unveiled debut single yet, their story begins many years ago, when it was just the brainchild of musician and songwriter, Adrian Acosta, experimenting on a karaoke dual tape deck machine. Acosta was still a kid back then, but his vision ultimately evolved into a fully grown five-piece band, with their first EP being in the making for three whole years, taken aback by illness and personal challenges.

Nontoxic Process is comprised of reworked old compositions, and comes as an impressive presentation of a band which may still be developing, but whose expansive dreampop/shoegaze sound cannot be missed.

Tackling themes of substance abuse and self-contempt, Sorry (Dispensa), the first single off the EP, goes back and forth between tunefulness and fuzziness, gracefully mingling its dreamy qualities with a more explosive grunge-like character, as the upcoming act keeps pushing forward, and promises a full length which is currently in the works and scheduled for release next year.

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