Bleeth: Divulging Souls

Miami's Bleeth offer an excellent blend of stoner rock, sludge, good old doom metal and a lot of darkness, and they do not hold back. The trio has been around since 2014, and they're about to release their debut full length, Geomancer. The record is scheduled to come out August 3rd via Anti-Language Records.

The vigorous and quite weighty Divulging Souls is the first track we sample off the forthcoming record, and it demonstrates the band's genre fusing, unrestrained creativity and heavy sound in all their magnificence, revealing that Bleeth come forcefully and with a lot to offer, and that is not just another addition in the long list of Sabbathesque doom metal acts that come and go in a desultory fashion.

Guitarist and vocalist, Lauren Palma, comments on Divulging Souls: "This song for me is like going on a journey exploring different soundscapes, dynamics, and feelings. I think that was the point of it. How far can we push this? How heavy and powerful can we make it but still explore thoughts and expressions? It's easy for me to get lost and entranced when we play this song live. Easy for me to feel it roaring through me."


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