Ulrika Spacek: Suggestive Listening EP

The reason we do not indulge into lists of favorite and notable Record Store Day releases anymore, is mainly based on the notion that the whole thing has become nothing but a futile affair, a marketing trick co-opted by major labels, and that it heavily relies on the abundantly released, unashamed, aimless messes that are most of the reissues which come out on account of the annual event.

Certainly there are, and there will always be some bright exceptions to the rule, like this brand new 5-track EP by UK indie art rockers, and creators of one of D//E's Albums Of the Year, Ulrika Spacek, titled Suggestive Listening EP.

After a couple of two very strong full lengths, Ulrika Spacek continue to impress, this time taking a more toned-down approach and exploring more inward-looking themes. Constructed with a completely different mindset, the five songs on Suggestive Listening reveal the band's cleaner, more composed and more melodious mentality, compared to the more impetuous sound of their very recent past. Absolutely consistent with the quality they have offered before, and still suggestive of the nineties-like alternative rock sound we've noticed them for in the first place, Ulrika Spacek seem to be moving forward with sureness and clarity.

The EP came out on RSD 2018 via Tough Love Records, limited to 1000 vinyl copies; 500 blue and 500 pink.

You can catch Ulrika Spacek live on the following upcoming dates:

10th May - Psych over 9000, Gent, BE (https://goo.gl/GRCa46)
12th May - Le Beau Festival, Paris, FR (https://goo.gl/wq93BV)
19th May - Kulturclub Schon Schön, Mainz, DE (https://goo.gl/yQep6E)
20th May - Volksbühne Berlin, DE (with Cavern of Anti-Matter)

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