Tangients: White Foam

Where post punk, shoegaze and the dreamier side of elegant pop music meet, come Tangients, an up and coming duo from Los Angeles, comprised of Chelsea Ray (vocals, synth, guitar) and Be Hussey (bass, synth, guitar - also of GUIDES and Radar Bros.).

Tangients are being introduced to the world with a captivating single, and its eerie, achromatic visual accompaniment, directed by Sarah Bitely. White Foam is established on Ray's formidable, ethereal vocals, and Hussey's masterful production, and it positively appears like the beginning of a robust new act.

"In 2012, I underwent something traumatic that forever changed me… My heart stopped and I was shocked back to life," singer Chelsea Ray says about the life threatening experience which inspired the song. "The sparse, yet intense memories I have from this moment gave me a completely different perspective. After ‘coming back,’ I felt that I was only a fragment of the person I was before. Here I am a few years later, writing lyrics about it, and I feel lucky just to be here."

Photo by Danielle Engelman.

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