Magic Wands: DNA

It's been a whole decade since LA's Magic Wands released their first single, and since then the band has managed to always come up with mighty impressive material. Following 2012's Aloha Moon and Jupiter from 2016, the band has just put out their third full length, Abrakadabra, on Casa Del Punte Discos.

The excellent dreampop duo comprised of Dexy Valentine (vocals and guitar) and Chris Valentine (lead guitar and vocals) have supported elite acts such as The Black Keys, The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Raconteurs, The Kills and The Horrors, they have seen their songs remixed by The XX and Crystal Fighters, and they've been featured in over fifty major TV shows, movies, and commercials around the world.

The lushness in Magic Wand's sound is firmly grounded on shoegaze and dreampop, while tints of post punk vigor and the band's overall punk poise contribute to a very rich, compelling outcome, produced to absolute perfection by the duo themselves, alongside Phil Galloni, and mastered by Grammy winner, Tim Young (The Smiths, My Bloody Valentine, Queen).

DNA is an upright representation of Magic Wands' lavish sound, full of dreamlike obscurity and memorable pop straightforwardness. "The idea for the song was about a couple in love running from being observed by aliens," they comment. "They are fascinated by their chemistry and want to capture them and study their DNA."

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