Jon Hopkins: Singularity

A handful of albums, a few film scores and many collaborations into his fruitful career, British producer and musician, Jon Hopkins, returns with Singularity, his first full length in five years, and one of his strongest ones yet.

Singularity is a seamless continuation of Hopkins' previous album, Immunity. That one was a tight and cohesive record which felt more dark-inclined and more perceptive about the gloominess and the unsteadiness of the modern times, while the new album, without disavowing any of Immunity's dimness, it appears calmer, more contemplative, and more serene.

Despite the serenity, Singularity shouldn't be perceived as a delicate piece of work. Conversely, it is a firm deposition of the artist's brilliant vision, and it conveys that brightness with confidence, through its competently constructed pulsating rhythms, subtle industrial textures and immersive atmospheres which span a series of emotions, from total composure to excitation.

Whether it is through more concise compositions, like the leading single, Emerald Rush, and the distant, Echo Dissolve - the shortest straw on the album, still, a very effective, calm piece, or through more expansive and venturous tracks, like the two centerpieces, Everything Connected and Luminous Beings, clocking at ten and a half and twelve minutes respectively, Singularity is an affecting and deeply engaging listen. It entices the listener on a gaze-y, musing journey, and does not let its grapple loose, until the hour-long listening experience is complete.


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