Holy Golden: Born Lonely

Constantly on the search to elevate their already intriguing fusion of dreampop, lo-fi and garage rock, Holy Golden have been offering perceptible glimpses of their ingenuity at every turn. Their latest record, Otherworld, stands as their most accomplished piece of work so far, and with each single release off it, there is always a fanciful video to complete the duo's well-formed creative vision.

Born Lonely is the latest single by Holy Golden, a symbolic of the band's dreampop nature, sweet and ethereal track. For the accompanying music video the band returns to the surrealistic approach we've enjoyed on previous clips, colorful, beauteous and evocative of the European art cinema of the 1960s; delivered in a more humble, DIY manner.

The video was once again filmed and directed by the duo themselves, Leslie Schott and Andrew Valenti, who are always one hundred per cent proactive with everything that considers their art.

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