Beechwood: Bigot In My Bedroom

There was a time when successful bands didn't take their time between releases. Especially during the cultural decade, the sixties, when music and pretty much everything else changed so drastically, many of the thriving bands used to put out numerous releases each year, on some occasions more than one full length.

Channeling the spirit of the sixties not only through their vivid sound and style, but also through their copious productivity, New York trio, Beechwood, released their acclaimed latest album, Songs from the Land of Nod, late last year, and they are already set to follow that with another full length, Inside the Flesh Hotel, scheduled to hit the streets on June 8th, 2018, on Alive Naturalsound.

On the first song unveiled off the forthcoming album, Beechwood take a more dynamic, political stance, aiming at bigots and Nazis, through a cleaner sound, given through a pure rock 'n' roll filter, which on this new piece leans closer to glam rock than punk. Bigot In My Bedroom is a strongly produced song, bringing to mind the eminence and quality of acts such as the early seventies Stones, Bowie and T.Rex.

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