Tropical Fuck Storm: Rubber Bullies

Rubber Bullies is the fourth and final single Tropical Fuck Storm reveal before the release of their debut album A Laughing Death in Meatspace, and also the LP's imposing closer. Like all three singles that came before, the seven-inch is accompanied by a cover of a song the band love and wish they had written, in which case, Bee Gee’s standard, Stayin' Alive, and its cover art was once more created by Canadian artist, Joe Becker.

The Australian supergroup, comprised of members of The Drones, High Tension, Harmony and Palm Springs, have been steadily uncovering the content of their upcoming album through the release of impressive singles, building up anticipation for the release of their surely promising first full length.

Once again, TFS come up with another great looking video, filmed By Chris Mathews of Defero Productions, this time in the exclusive surrounds of Nagambie Speedway in Victoria, Australia.


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