The Ninth Wave: Swallow Me // Video

Scottish quartet, The Ninth Wave, will be releasing their new EP, Never Crave Attention, on April 20th, 2018 via Distiller Records. The magnificent leading single off it, Swallow Me, has just gotten the music video treatment through some harsh, colorful and well-formed visuals, directed by Lewis Tollan and the band.

In relation to the new video the band say: "The video is a montage of everyday occurrences masked by the false image of faceless mannequins. Each scene depicts an exaggerated view of different aspects of our lives and the flaws within them, such as the lack of privacy that we have become used to; mass production and the throw-away value of what we consume; the abuse many people are subjected to in places they considered safe and the lack of action taken to resolve these unspoken epidemics of violence; the way that we have become accustomed an instant lifestyle; the abuse of power from figures of authority and the consequences of this. This video is a short look into these sinister aspects of daily life so commonly ignored."

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