Needs: Eat the Rich... People's Leftovers

Vancouver-based hardcore punks, Needs, will be following their eponymous debut LP from 2015 with a new album. Limitations is due out June 22nd, and it was just introduced through the first single and video for the caustic new track, Eat the Rich... People's Leftovers.

The inspiration for the song comes from an undoubtedly real place, from the fact that the band's lead singer, Sean Orr, does exactly what the track describes; he eats leftovers at his dishwashing job. For good measure and to coalesce with the song's radical spirit, there's a quote by famous linguist and philosopher, Noam Chomsky, in its lyrics, describing a harsh truth: "Austerity is just a fancy word for class war."

While up to par with the finest in contemporary hardcore and post punk, Needs' vigorous sounds nods to everything that makes DC hardcore so appealing and one of the most influential scenes in the history of punk. It's wild, headstrong, cynical and thought-provoking, and it comes with an original DIY mentality and an eccentric spark.

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