Degtras / Jeff McLeod : Dead Dream City

The newest release by Nashville-based experimental label, Wood and Stone Productions, is Dead Dream City, a split EP by dark ambient act, Degtras, and Jeff McLeod whom we've recently encountered as a member of the newly founded, Clawing.

Degtras' contribution, Road to the Dark City, is a fifteen-minute consuming drone with intense cinematic qualities which sets the entire release's dark tone and builds the intrigue in all its bleak finesse.

McLeod's piece, Nethescurial, is even lengthier, inspired by the eponymous story by cult horror author, Thomas Ligotti. Nethescurial is a more electronic-inclined experimental track which flirts with psychedelia, progressive rock and new age, and it offers a rather louder, still, outright atmospheric and hair-raising listening experience.

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