D//E Premiere: VSTRS: Astronomy Domine

Detroit's VSTRS are following the release of their sophomore album, Pandemonium Seesaw, with a video single, a cover of the Pink Floyd classic, Astronomy Domine. This marks VSTRS' first attempt on a cover, and due to the fact the song's adventurous space rock character is a perfect match to the band's psychedelic/shoegaze spirit, the result is consistent, and definitely charming.

"Around 16 I was handed a bootleg of Piper at the Gates of Dawn that included the Ummagumma version of Astronomy Domine in place of the original. That tape was my first exposure to Syd's brilliance & although that Astronomy was actually done live/post-Barrett it was the version of his song that I ultimately fell for the hardest," the band's own Michael O'Connor shares with D//E, and adds: "Fast forward a few-plus years and VSTRS had the opportunity to take on a couple from the mighty Floyd and we chose this and Fearless from Meddle. A couple months later we recorded it live in our guitarist Eric's Let It Bleed Studio with only the vocals as overdubs."

The video pulls footage from Omega Experimental, an experimental short from 1970, courtesy of Pyramid Films.

Watch VSTRS' colorful version of Astronomy Domine for the first time ever, right below...

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