D//E Premiere: Blue Youth: So Seizure

Noise rock/punk trio, Blue Youth, will be releasing their album, Dead Forever via Grind Central Records on June 8th, 2018. The new release will be following the band's eponymous debut EP from last year, and finds them taking a more mature approach to songwriting while exploring darker themes and heavier sounds.

Hailing from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, Blue Youth consists of Gage McGuire (guitar, vocals), Jon Wolfond (bass) and Garret Matheis (drums). The group's members have previously contributed to notable acts such as Surf Dads, Bermuda Love, Bright Black, Geronimo, and The Dagan Harding Band.

The first taste off the forthcoming Dead Forever, is a mighty track; hardcore-inclined, yet, carrying a lot of the dominance and heavy rocking superiority of grunge, and always filtered through a darker post-punk lens which the trio incorporates into their music with consummate skill. So Seizure is a punchy track, straight off captivating, and it introduces us to the progress Blue Youth will be presenting on their upcoming full length as a full-grown and wealthy band.

Listen to So Seizure for the first time ever, right below...

Photo by Jesse Wyllychuk

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