Sweaty Palms: Captain Of The Rugby Team

After a grabbing single which they released last Fall as part of the RIP Records Introduces series and their concerns with Queer Fatwa, Glasgow's Sweaty Palms come back with another piece of dynamite, a socially and politically-infused single which comes much evocative of the British punk spirit of the late 1970s and eighties.

This time around, on the magnificent Captain Of The Rugby Team, Sweaty Palms target the misogynistic views of today's society, once again channeling the rawness and songwriting brilliance of bands like The Fall, Wire or Magazine, while playfully toying with a more accessible and memorable art-punk and new wave sound.

"It doesn’t scream for your attention in the way most modern records do," they explain about their anticipated upcoming album. "Inversely if that makes you completely ignore it, that’s fine too: we weren’t talking to you anyway."

Photo Credit: Aidan O'mara


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