Outrun the Sunlight: Red Bird

Chicago's Outrun The Sunlight go as far back as 2011 when they began and put out their early releases as a duo comprised of guitarists, Austin Peters and Cody McCarty. With the addition of drummer, Pedro Villegas, and bassist, Connor Grant they have been operating as a full band since 2014. Red Bird, the band's latest LP, was released independently last year.

Outrun The Sunlight's warm and explosive sound unites the heaviness of progressive and extreme metal with the ambiance and sentimentality of post rock in a compelling way. Through the album's four intricate, in all respects engaging compositions, the Chicagoan four-piece demonstrates its knack for cleverly crafted writing, fervent delivery and overall exquisite musicianship. As their most complete and accomplished record this far, Red Bird bases its potency on the classic post rock tropes, yet, emerges like an invigorating, breath of fresh air for the genre.

About the inspiration behind the album's opening, self titled track, Austin Peters, guitarist and songwriter of Outrun the Sunlight states: "Red Bird is a song about love and change. I was inspired by how the desolate and quiet moments of Chicago's winters are deeply contrasted to how busy and city life usually is. To me, it's a reminder of falling in love, and how that too can be such an distinct contrast to what feels normal. To change is to be uncomfortable, and it doesn't have to be negative."

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