La Bête Blooms: Take Arms

Following an impressive series of singles, Hull five-piece, La Bête Blooms return with an energetic new track which adds a notable synth-infused post punk vibe to their already grabbing mix, while not differing much from the punchy sound that made them stand out in the first place.

This time, on Take Arms the band targets the stereotypes, abstractions and serious troubles of modern life through their considerately politicized themes and wisely penned songwriting, and addresses everyone who cares to listen.

Take Arms is one of the most cunning and well rounded tracks La Bête Blooms have offered us this far. It exposes a band in constant progression, competency and for certain ready to explode into the radar of larger and more mainstream-inclined audiences.

The single is out now on the trusty Adult Teeth Recording Company.

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