God Is An Astronaut: Epitaph

Since their first appearance about 16 years ago with their brilliant debut album, The End of the Beginning, Irish post rockers, God Is An Astronaut have earned a prominent place as one of the finest the genre's even seen.

Their eighth studio album (ninth if you count in the 2006 EP, A Moment of Stillness), Epitaph, comes on on April 27th 2018 via Napalm Records, and the first single and title track off it has already been shared; a wistful, introspective and brooding track about death, grieve and loss, which once again demonstrates the great lengths and depths the band is capable of going to, and their ability to bring together ambient minimalism with heaviness and huge, voluminous climaxes.

The upcoming album's excellent artwork was created by French artist Fursy Teyssier of Les Discrets (and previously of Alcest).

The band comments on the new video they made themselves with images credited to Stanley B. Burns, MD & The Burns Archive: "We wanted the video to capture the horror, overwhelming grief and the dark reality of an untimely death. The video features post mortem photography as it directly reflects the subject matter. This song touches on everything from childhood innocence (vulnerability) to the moment you are given the shocking news, to the aftermath that faces a family over a tragic loss."



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