D//E Premiere: Federal Unicorn: Forever Begin

Federal Unicorn is a rock band based in Aarhus, Denmark and is a part of Tapetown at Lydhavnen. Lydhavnen is a well established artist hub and has worked with artists like Liss, Iceage, Lowly, Asbjörn, Pale Honey and lots of others.

The rock 'n' roll trio's explosive sound borrows with grace and respect from nineties' grunge, post punk and heavy rock, while everything you see and hear on the band's videos and recording they create themselves, based on their DIY spirit and candidness.

Forever Begin is the first single and video off Federal Unicorn's upcoming self-titled EP, scheduled to be released this spring.

Robert Jancewicz’, frontman for Federal Unicorn shares with D//E all about the intensity and artistry behind the band's newest piece: "Forever Begin is a story of opposition, conflict, attraction and resolution. The song is lyrically blunt and refers to delusions of our own interpretation and the use, as well as misuse of the ultimate power given to all humans - the power to create and begin again and again."

He further elaborates: "In the music video we wanted to illustrate two opposites, colliding in a final stand off. The two characters are called Cosmic Right - a creature of darkness, representing conservatism; and Cosmic Left - a creature of light, representing progress and future. While the two characters are also reflecting the current political turmoil, we have made them somewhat otherworldly in order to refer to any conflict of any two opposites.

When the fight reaches a point of no-return, the opposites have a choice, to either both die, or surrender. By engaging the characters in sensual love-making as a resolution to their conflict, we wanted to be both suggestive, as well as provocative. Suggestively, we are hinting that the resolution to a conflict is easier found thru common understanding and working together. Provocatively, we wanted to break the ''macho rock dude'' stereotype, which in our opinion is as ridiculous as it is outdated. For that purpose we have selected actors who are likely to be perceived as masculine by a common viewer. We then build up their presumed masculinity throughout the brutal fight, finally breaking the pattern without any warning when the two characters engage in love making."

Stream the colorful and intense video for the first time ever right below...

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