D//E Premiere: Diary: Will-o'-the-wisp

Following their excellent EP, Love Shadows, from last year, New York four-piece, Diary are releasing Will-o'-the-wisp, a three-song EP which once more demonstrates their strong musicianship and their proclivity for mixing genres in a skillful and compelling way.

Expect some captivating, hazy dreampop, a nice amount of jangliness and respect for eighties college rock, as well as darker, post punk-inclined moments. In just three tracks and a little over twelve minutes of your time, Diary has got you covered with the plentiful of ideas that they have going on in their music.

About the enigma and intrigue which come with the EP's three grabbing tracks, the band reveals to D//E: "Will-o'-the-wisp was an EP we wrote quickly last Fall. It's named for ghost lights or the mysterious twinkling of lamps in the woods and across bogs etc. at night. This is a brief collection of songs that deal with feelings of anxiety, displacement, and ineptitude. Like seeing an unknowable glow across a pond, these tracks to reflect a sense of unease. At their core they're guitar-centric pop songs, but we love to bring in dreamy elements and forlorn sounds."

In support of Will-o'-the-wisp, Diary will be playing a number of shows in and around the New York area. We are promised some new material to be coming soon as well, as the band continues to write, hoping to begin work on their first full length this year.


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