bed.: Replay

Replay is the third single by Portland-based husband-wide duo, bed, from their upcoming debut full-length. The album is expected to be released later this Fall via Bug Hunt, and it was produced by Larry Crane (Elliott Smith, Quasi, Jason Lytle) at Jackpot! Recording Studio in Portland last winter.

This time around the slowcore/slo-fi/lo-fi duo takes a more dynamic approach, sounding a bit heavier, nervier and bolder, at least compared to their previously released singles, and their tuneful EP, Klickitat, from 2016. Replay, based on a fast rollercoaster of complicated emotions, is the most lively and forceful single bed. have put out this far. Whether the band's mellower or newly unveiled edgier sound will prevail on their upcoming LP is only a matter of time to find out. In any case, it will be worth experiencing.

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