Great News: Told

After getting their fair share of support from critics and blogs for the prominent singles they released last year, Norwegian daze-pop/dreampop act, Great News, return with the release of a new piece off their still to come debut album, Wonderfault.

Drawing from the blitheness that parts of the indie pop/rock of the eighties and the nineties evoked, Great News once more demonstrate their firm garage rock foundation, enriched with Even Kjelby's tough vocals and the trio's biotic tendency toward their own kind of fuzzed up tunefulness.

About the concept of their excellent new single, Told, the band share: "Growing up today, we are repeatedly told to focus on the future, have kids, get married and earn lots of money to achieve true happiness, like that's the only way of solving the puzzle of life. Fuck that. Do what you want, not what you're told."

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