Domiciles: Common Language

From the same mind-boggling peculiarity which generated the merging of shoegaze and psychedelic rock, and brought us the expansive sound of incredible acts such as Spacemen 3, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Ride and Spiritualized, now comes a young Scottish band whose ample psychedelic sound doesn't fall short in anything compared to the genre's finest.

Domiciles have been around since 2015, and they're following their previous single, Nothing's Ever Changed in the Whole Time That I've Been Here, from last year with a multimedia release. As if Common Language weren't impressive enough as a single, the track comes accompanied by a hand-animated video comprised of drawings created by the band.

The band's apparent ability to indulge in more than a few different styles and bring it all together into something of their own is remarkable, and as a result it brings about an intricate sound which feels familiar as much as it charms and fascinates.

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