Cloud: Wildfire

You may have noticed Long Island's Tyler Taormina and his friends as Cloud through their 2013 album Comfort Songs which stirred some well deserved interest in the realm of indie rock music or through its follow up, 2015's more dreampop-oriented and warm weather-infused Zen Summer. Cloud returns with a new album, Plays With Fire, which is scheduled for release on March 9th on Audio Antihero.

First single, Wildfire, provides the impactful introduction to the upcoming album. The song is a seamless blend between the worlds of dreampop and indie psychedelia, and it is visually accompanied by a beautiful, colorful, mind-boggling video directed by Taormina himself.

Taking the project's musicianship to an even higher level, Wildfire teases with confidence that Plays With Fire is going to find Cloud at its most competent and impressive form yet. Taormina's cultivated influences from bands like The Modern Lovers, Yo La Tengo, Galaxie 500 or even the ethereal Cocteau Twins, are being put to excellent use and bring forth something entirely new and exciting.

Photo by Carson Lund

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