Beechwood: Melting Over You

Carrying a lot from the psychelic garage rock of the sixties and the genre's resurgence which happened in the eighties, NYC's Beechwood have started the year with much confidence, and a brilliant new album.

Although the recently released Songs From the Land of Nod deserves the listener's attention in its entirety, and although it's a brief record which clocks at just a bit over 32 minutes, the album without a doubt sounds capable of producing more than enough singles and highlights.

Beechwood move within the limits of their hometown's very rich punk rock history, so names are going to be dropped, and the comparisons will be inescapable. Whether one perceives their sound as a more glam-oriented version of Television, a more intricate version of the Ramones, a dirtier version of the Blues Magoos or just something that could have jumped right out of the original Nuggets compilation, the trio's gritty sound is impressive enough to speak for itself and nail its audience down.

Melting Over You is one of those tracks which convey that original New York garage punk feel, and while we've heard a whole lot of its kind in the past, it's not very common, still, much welcome to encounter these days.

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