Attic Giant: Light=Whatwesee

Having developed from singer-songwriter Daniel Tischler’s little DIY bedroom recording project into an full band comprised of five members, Vienna's Attic Giant have just released a splendid new EP, enchantingly titled Light=Whatwesee and consisting of two songs that carry almost the same title.

While staying loyal to the band's lo-fi roots, with the assistance of their fellow Viennese artist and producer Inner Tongue who produced both songs, Attic Giant based on their pensive and full on existential qualities themes and character advance their sound to a higher lever, evolving into something that appears even more compelling due to its proclivities towards a more intricate post rock sound.

Opening piece, m t h r s (a short collapse of constancy), is an ethereal number which bases its charm on the glockenspiel and beautiful piano lines, while the longer and tighter m o t h e r s (split/crack in time) is a weightier in feeling song, dealing with some of life's profound subjects, such as time, memory and even death.

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