Holy Golden: Arrival

Leslie Schott and Andrew Valenti, the two creative individuals behind the name Holy Golden, have been very productive these last few years. The duo has already put out two full length albums, as well as a handful of EPs and singles, the latest of which, The Licking River, has been very well received.

Otherworld will be the band's next full length, scheduled for release on February 16th, and the mesmerizing Arrival is the first single and video off it.

Leslie and Andrew have been responsible for their own costumes and videos, and have been hands-on with their project, not only in regards to the fine combination of dreampop and lo-fi garage rock that they offer, but also on a larger scale, and most notably through those several indie-spirited music videos of theirs.

Holy Golden's new video for Arrival bears an avant-garde surrealistic feel which to some degree contradicts the straightforwardness in the music's jangly and dreamlike nature, but the contrast is what makes the whole experience so interesting, and engaging in many different levels.

Photo by Caroline Goddard

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