The Shifting Sands: Run

The Shifting Sands is a four-piece from Dunedin, New Zealand, whose spirited sound brings together the jangly pop vibes and post-punk edginess of some of their country's indie rock past. Acts like The Chills, The Bats, The Verlaines, Straitjacket Fits and the rest of the incredible catalog of Flying Nun seem like fitting comparisons to the sound of The Shifting Sands, not only because of the kiwi rock origin but also due to the band's visceral abilities to produce high quality and full of character guitar pop music with a psychedelic twist.

The Shifting Sands have released two albums this far and toured in the US twice. They are now following their acclaimed 2015 album, Cosmic Radio Station, with a new 7-inch single, Zoe/Run which will be out January 31st 2018. Run is the first piece we get to hear off it, which proves with flying colors that the sound of Dunedin that gave us all the aforementioned greatness in the past, is still alive and kicking.

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