Terry Time Brother: Glass Ceilings

Terry Time Brother is the solo project of Christopher Benson who has been a part of bands such as Supercrow and Bombay Beach, and has created a series of amplifiers called Benson Amps which are used by well respected musicians like Ryan Adams, Colin Meloy and Chris Funk of The Decemberists among many more. His debut album, Never Alone was just released on Holiday Breath Records.

One of the album's highlights, the spirited rocker, Glass Ceilings, combines the energy of the guitar-driven indie rock from the nineties with a more straightforward folk tone. It wraps up in only two and a half minutes, and through its direct, electric sound, the song stands out as an enticer efficient enough to attract anyone into the genre bending and sweet on the ears world of Christopher Benson's debut as a solo act.

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