Pardans: When Come the Rats

Pardans are a six-piece from Copenhagen, Denmark, whose sound is an artistic blend fundamentally based on mad and piercing post punk, but enhanced with jazz and orchestral elements, and developed into something enticing and not very easy to categorize.

A year ago Pardans released their debut mini-album on Danish label Premium Abundance and the Paris-based Third Coming Records, and since then they have gained more live experience alongside Marching Church, Preoccupations and Meat Wave.

When Come The Rats is the band's captivating new single, an intense four-minute piece which brings to mind the fierceness of their home peers, Iceage and Marching Church, but quickly evolves into a beast of its own which carries much promise for the impending Pardans full length.

Simply put by the band: "The song is about losing yourself to drunken nights and navigating through a fog of lost love and seductive forces. It’s about the ironic applause of the dawn as it watches you claw your way back to your den. It’s about two female gazes. One belongs to the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known."

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