My Own Ghosts: Happy Now

In 2013 French electronic musician Kid Loco produced the first album by Old Mountain Station, an also French indie folk/psych band that he met by chance at a gig in Paris. Four years later, the acclaimed producer collaborates once more with the band's singer, Thomas, on a new project that carries the bewitching moniker, My Own Ghosts and has just released the new single, Happy Now.

Happy Now is a beautiful, hazy track which reflects on the indie rock psychedelia of the late nineties and 2000s, and bands like Mercury Rev and Flaming Lips, while it also conveys something from the bitterness of British indie rock and the colorfulness of the French electronica scene. It is the epitome of genre mixture, and it is crafted and delivered in such a lovely way, that its charming monotony lingers and curls in the air long after the six-and-a-half minute song is over.

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