Long Distance Calling: Out There

Acclaimed German post-rockers, Long Distance Calling will be releasing their seventh studio album, Boundless, on February 2nd 2018 via InsideOutMusic on which the veteran band goes back to its fully instrumental endeavors as a four-piece.

Out There, the first single off the upcoming album showcases the band's strength and abilities and one of the finest in their craft which combines elements from progressive rock, post rock and does not hold back the heaviness. Aptly, it drops together with an impressive, colorful video in which the band take a hike through the mountains to come across come breathtaking imagery until they reach the top coinciding with the track's climactic conclusion.

It is a 9-minute epic, forceful and energetic, which bears a similar wistful tone to the band's early records, while it also carries much of their development as a technical and competent group. Along with that potency LCD can be profoundly sentimental too.

Beyond doubt Boundless is going to be one of the first striking albums of 2018.

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