Eyes Behind the Veil: Everlasting Threshold

Portland, OR-based artist, Michael Tenzer whom you may remember from his band, Lazy Legs, his solo project, Soft Lashes or his tasteful music blog/cassette label, Wild Patterns, is also running another bedroomgaze solo project as Eyes Behind the Veil.

Following two full length albums, Everlasting Threshold is the latest single Eyes Behind the Veil, for which the artist states among his influences some incredible dreampop and indie acts, some more straightforward and others on the more experimental side of the genre, such as Pure X, Grouper, Beach House, Cocteau Twins, Slowdive, This Mortal Coil, Julee Cruise, Galaxie 500 and Low.

The single seamlessly balances its dreampop melodiousness and lo-fi production and comes tighter structured and possibly stronger than everything we've heard from that part of Michael's creativity this far.

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