Stillwave: Adeleide

The final single before the release of Dutch trio's Stillwave upcoming debut album, Sell Another Soul, is Adeleide, this time prone more towards an even darker post-punk feel compared to the atmospheric sound of the singles that preceded it.

Adeleide does not hold back on the noir and cinematic undertones which lurk in Stillwave's already dark and genre fusing aesthetics though. About the song, whose title refers to the city of Adelaide, but is reimagined as a fictional place, the band says that it "explores the space between reality and the fantasies that derive from ambition," and they add: "Filled to the brim with desire there’s always the awareness that whatever the fancy may be, the grass is always greener on the other side. It is not as much a song about the struggles of failure as it is about the disappointment that comes after success. Yet there’s a confidence here, a sense of overcoming your demons."

The music video was directed and filmed by Adriaan Hogervorst and stars Jop Gorris, while the single's cover art comes courtesy of Dutch photographer Harold van de Kamp.

Sell Another Soul comes out today, November 3rd.


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