D//E Premiere: Silent Forum: When I See You Shake

Welsh band Silent Forum describe the pulsating, melancholic music they create with the term "indie noir" which essentially feels like a combination of shadowy post punk and the more accessible side of indie rock. After a series of notable singles and an EP, the band will be releasing their second EP, Sanctuary, on November 10th, and the goth-shaded When I See You Shake is the first piece to pave the way for it.

The track moves from cold and brooding to nervy, and almost overbold, as it echoes much of its plentiful of post-punk influences with confidence and clarity, and despite the evident darkness, it still emerges as something rather robust and colorful. While not tough to pigeonhole, the Welsh quintet cut through to the dark world of of post-punk and gothic rock, and they do that strongly and efficiently.

"We're really pleased how poppy and sassy this song remains whilst still having a huge aggressive drive to it," share the band with us about their new single, and continue to chronicle more on the vision behind it.

"I'm writing a lot about power dynamics on Sanctuary. On When I See You Shake I'm singing about looking after someone, but at the same time expecting something from them. I'm single, so this is all posturing - which probably becomes clear later in the record.

"'Labour's a condition of life' is a line I stole from my ex-girlfriend who'd written it down in a coursebook she'd left in my house. I didn't see it until some time after we'd broken up - interesting that in this version of events I'm mansplaining to some poor woman about how she needs to do some bloody work. I apologise.

"I truly believe that sentiment though, labour is a condition of life and if you want to have anything to show for yourself you have to work really hard. I hate laziness and a lack of self motivation - idleness will corrode your brain!"

Band portrait by Jaydon Martin.

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