Azar Swan: Territorial

After dissolving their previous band, Religious To Damn, Zohra Atash and Joshua Strawn created Azar Swan, a project that became the medium for the two musicians to experiment more with electronics, industrial and pop music. Azar Swan have already released two very well received full length albums, Dance Before the War in 2013 and And Blow Us a Kiss a year later, and they're now ready with a third LP, Savage Exile which will be out on December 1st via aufnahme + wiedergabe.

The dark-colored, industrial-tinged first single, Territorial, paves the way for Savage Exile which Atash calls "a beautiful purging of anger." For this one the duo enlists the production skills of Kris Lapke, longtime cooperator of Prurient and Hospital Productions, who contributed in the realization of Azar Swan's fresher, and more forceful and aggressive approach.

Territorial plays out like a coherent, memorable nightmare. Firmly based on its goth origins, the song emerges like the epitome of the band's fresh take on a hybrid genre that blends menacing industrial beats with tuneful pop melodies and resolute dark poetry that isn't afraid to even condemn life's precious sun.


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