The Bare Minimum: Pyrrhic Victory

In the spirit of Halloween, Canadian punk rockers, The Bare Minimum have released a super fun new video for their song Pyrrhic Victory, in which one can spot several recognizable characters, like a Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, a Leatherface, a Jason Voorhees, a Starchild, as well as posters of your favorite horror-themed bands, a doggy with a mohawk, and a crapload of skulls and skeletons.

The band's highly energetic act draws a lot from hardcore and skate punk, while the references in their sound could be as many as those in the video, all of it coming from the straightforward and hard-edged world of punk rock, many of its multiple sub-genres and top acts, from Misfits to The Bouncing Souls.

The Bare Minimum's album, Sink To The Top is available for name-your-price downloads via the band's Bandcamp, and in physical form, on CD and cassette.

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