Pool Holograph: Transparent World

Chicago's Pool Holograph started in 2010 as a solo recording project intending to compliment the visual art by designer/painter Wyatt Grant. The project later evolved into a full band that included fellow designer, Zach Stuckman (bass), and brothers Jake Stolz (drums) and Paul Stolz (guitar), who are also members of Varsity, another garage-pop band from Chicago.

Transparent World is Pool Holograph's second full length as a full band, just released on the independent label, Jurassic Pop. Among its influences, a few very tasteful sources can be picked out, such as the candor of sixties' British invasion pop and the post-punk/power-pop agility of New Zealand's Flying Nun from the early eighties to mid-nineties, both of which are fairly noticeable in the band's quality songwriting and poignant delivery.

Bold in sound while deep and somber in lyrical content, Transparent World is a record of great caliber which can be as surrealistic as it can be down to earth. Comprised of nine tracks, all of which come in at around the three and four minute mark, the album does not leave any room for lagging. Instead, right from the first listen it appears like a tight compilation of highlights; fully realized songs which blend their elegant influences seamlessly to create something new and stirring.

Deftly balancing between jangle pop, dreampop and post-punk, Pool Holograph right now sound as if they've arrived into the indie rock world more than a couple of decades late. Then again, it's never too late for such finesse.

The album is available on its first, limited to 50 run on transparent cassettes.


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