Echodrone: Save Me

San Francisco-based shoegazers, Echodrone, started back in 2005 by Suh and Dudley, and about twelve years later the band has come a long way. They have just announced their sixth full-length, Past, Preset and Future which is scheduled for release early 2018. Save Me is the wonderful first single we get to sample off the upcoming release, an airy piece, paradigmatic of the shoegaze and dreampop vibes of the late eighties and nineties, only connected to the issues and questions that rise in society today.

The band shared with us some insight about both the song and the creation of the beautiful black and white video: "The song is essentially a commentary on current events, how we can be overwhelmed by all the crazy things going on, and how helpless we can be to not be able to do anything about it.

"Joshua Guerci, the director of the music video, used an actress/dancer moving in slow motion in a sea of fast-moving commuters to symbolize this concept. The dancer in the video is a lone person surrounded by all the crazy things going on in San Francisco. But as we focus more and more on the dancer, we notice that it's not the surrounding city that has beauty and grace, it's in humanity itself. A lone human dancing gracefully in the chaos is way more beautiful than the flashing lights of downtown..."

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